Van HalenMean Street Текст

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Van Halen by Mean Street... Here I go.

The intro is tapped with his finger and then with the thumb of his right
hand and I'm too lazy to tab that out for you, but I know how it goes.
I have what's after that, and it's short, but if you want the whole
bullshit song I have that too... This is what I'll tab, because
it looks fun, and I know it's right. This comes after all the tapping.

e ---------------------------------------------------------------|
B -------------------------------------------0-------------------|
G --5----------5------------------5----------0-------------------|
D --5--7--7--5---7--7-----5--7--5---7--7-----0-------------------|
A ---------------------7------------------7----------------------|
E ---------------------------------------------------------------|
Then the second time instead of playing D G and B open, play a few notes
on the fifth and seventh frets on the D G n B, then go up to the 12th.
You'll figure it out.

Verse goes like such. 2nd ending
^2nd ending goes right there.

too lazy to do rest. it takes too long to tab this. email. questions eh?
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