Toby KeithI Cant Take You Anywhere Текст

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Tabbed by: that_taylor_boy

Intro:D Bm Em7 A

Verse 1:
D Bm
you been apart of my life for so very long
Em7 A
hard for me to believe sometimes that your really gone
D Bm
i put your picture away in my special hiding place
Em7 A
and hope that no one can tell by the look on my face
that your still in my heart and always on my mind
Bm Em7 A
and part of my every day.

Verse 2: D Bm
like just last night i went out for a bite
Em7 A
tried to have fun but you were on my mind.
D Bm
even the laughter, it wasn't much of a brake
Em7 A
cuz right in the middle of my salad and steak
Bobby Joe walked in with a couple of friends
Bm Em7 A
i said hey heard from her at all like where she been?

Chorus: D Bm
and it struck a nerve and it hit a vein
Em7 A
you think of all the tears i cried this broken heart in pain
i wouldn't have to carry you around with me
Bm Em7 A G
but it seems like everywhere i Go somebody
wants to know where u been
D Bm Em7 A D
are you comin back again i swear...
i can't take u anywhere.
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