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Band: Soulfly
Album: Fire
Song: Soulfly
Tuning: B Tuning (B, A, D, G) ONLY TUNE E-B
This Transcription By: Niall 'Uncle Clitsta' (
formally known as clitz
note: I'm doing this from memory so it might have a couple of mistakes

1h2 - Hammer On
0~ - Let Note Ring
12p0 - Pull off
19 - Slide Down
/15 - Slide Up


Intro & Verse

Chorus Post Chorus

Post-Bridge (W/ OverDrive)

Bridge (not to sure on this, just play it anyway)


(To drum beat)

End of bridge

Sliding part (12p0 is not really needed, ya can just play another 2 open B's)
|D|*------------------*| You will hear the slide getting higher, just move
|A|*------------19---*| the slide down to the D string instead of the A
|B|-0-0-0-12p0---------| string at that point.


This is a strange song for some parts, but i still love it:)


COMING SOON: Soulfly - Pain, Soulfly - Mulumbo, Skid Row - 18 And Life
Soulfly - Son Song, Soulfly - Flyhigh, Soulfly - Bring it
Soulfly - Terrorist, Paw - Hope I Die Tonight and
Marilyn Manson - The Last Day On Earth (Live from the Last Tour On Earth)

Any More requests feel free to e-mail them to, I cannot
guarantee that I can tab them due to the fact that i may not have the CD but
I will try.
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