Royal BloodOut of the Black Текст, аккорды

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Am Em D/F# C
How did it feel when it came alive and took you?
Am Em
Out of the black
D/F# C
It broke your skin and shook through
Am Em G Em
Every part of me, every part of you

Am C B7

Em G
You made a fool out of me
B7 Em
And took the skin off my back running
So don’t breathe when I talk
B7 Em G
Cos you haven’t been spoken to
C B7 Em D/F# G
I’ve got a gun for a mouth and a bullet with your name on it
C B7 Em
But a trigger for a heart beating blood from an empty pocket

Am Em
I never knew why
D/F# C
And you didn’t care when
Am Em
It closed every door
D/F# C
And washed away no sin
Am Em
And I promised you
G Em
Like you promised me
Am Em
But those vows we made
G Em
Fucked it up for free...

Chorus x2

G B7
And it tortures slow
Am C
Never let’s you go
G B7
Deals a crooked hand

Outro: C G B7 Em
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