Несчастный СлучайThe Cat (Мурка) Текст, аккорды

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Well, how can I begin
To tell the story of my Murka,
my darling.
To tell the frightful story
Am F
As she's lived and died,
E7 Am G F E7 Am G F E7
Now I'll make my mind!

Now I'll tell the story
How this all has happened
Murka was a nice of juice -
that's right.
And in our district
A7 Dm
Everybody missed her,
Am E7 Am G F E7
When she was arrested late at night.

Once we went on business,
Me and Rabinovich
And we drove to newest restaurant hall;
There's she was sitting
With the Tony "Bloody Bastard"
And she had a browning
Black and small.

How do you do, my Murka,
How do you do, my darling.
How do you do, my Murka and good bye!
You have sold forever
All our malina
And it is the reason, you must die!

Rabinovich fired, but instead of target
It was me a little who was shot.
I was brought to doctor
And Rabinovich, padla,
Quickly took the girl
To drink on spot.

Blacky voronochek
And my heart is crying.
And my heart is crying in the night.
On the dirty parkline,
Where the people drink wine,
Murka's body's lying
Still, but nice.
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