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Swing Chord Progression
Way fun to jam with
G |_4 _4_|_4_4_|_5_5_|_5_5_|
D |_2 _2_|_3_3_|_5_5_|_4_4_|

_|_X_X_|_ X_X_|_X_X_ | E |_3_3_|_4_4_|_5_5_|_5_5_| Repeat this once then play this G
|_2_2_|_5_5_|_7_7_|_8_8_|_2_2_|_5_5_|_4_4_|_2___| A |_X_X_|_X_X_ |_X_X_|_X_X_ |_X_X_|_X_X_ |_X_X_|_X___| E |_3_3_|_7_7_|_8_8_|_9_9_|_3_3_|_5_5_|_5_5_|_3___| These chords, if you want to play fuller ones instead of these three-note
are- G6 E7/B | Am7 D7/A | repeat then G6 G/B | C6 C#dim | G6 Am7 | D7/A G6 ()
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