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When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
CAPO none

There's a tear in your eye And I'm wondering why
G7 C
For it never should be there at all
With such power in your smile
C A7
Sure a stone you'd bequile
D7 G7
So there's never a teardrop should fall
When your sweet lilting laughter's like some fairy song
G7 C C7 F
And your eyes twinkle bright as can be
D7 G
You should laugh all the while and all other times smile
D7 G
And now smile a smile for me


When Irish eyes are smiling Sure'n it's like a morn in spring
F C A7 D7 G
In the lilt of Irish laughter You can hear the angels sing
C C7 F C
When Irish hearts are happy All the world is bright and gay
F C- C A7 D7 G7 C
And when Irish eyes are smiling Sure they steal your heart away
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