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From: (Justin D. May)

Here's the chord progression for Guava Jelly by Bob Marley.
Typed by =CORPSE= -=-

Cmaj7 | Dm7 G7 |Cmaj7 | Dm7 G7

C |Dm7 G7 |C |Dm7 G7 |C |
You said you |love me | I said I|love you | why won't you|

Am |F |F/G G |F |
Stop your crying| Dry your|weeping eyes | You know that I|

C |C |
Love I love, I love, I love you so| da-da-dam da-da-damsel|

F C |F C |G7 C |
Here I am me said, Come|rub it 'pon me belly with you|Guava Jelly|

C |F C |F C |
Da-da-da da-da-damsel|Here I stand, come|rub it 'pon me belly with you|

G7 C |C |F G7 |
Guava Jelly | I really, really| I really love you|

C |F G7 |
Yes, I really| really love you, child.|

the rest should be easy to figure out as long as you have these chords.
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