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Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 09:12:03 +1300
From: hurricane
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When I Come to You by Jonny Lang
>From the album Lie to me
Transcribed by Gib (Eric) Williamson as told to Gary (Hurricane) Ellis

When I Come to You

Intro C Bb F C x2

C Am
When I'm all alone when I'm feeling blue

C Am
No one understands me baby no body but you

Through the sleepless nights

G E Am
and the rainy day til the sun is nowhere in view

F G C Bb F C
The only way I make it through is when I come to you

C Am
And in my darkest hour when the midnight shadows fall

C Am
Baby you got the power to make the angels come to call

I just hold you in my arms

G E Am
and let music in my heart play the whole night through

when I come to you I fell so brand new when I come to you

When I come to you, you make it all right again

G E Am D
When I come to you, you keep me from the howling wind

F G C Bb F C
Baby I feel brand new, when I come to you
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