Кормухина ОльгаI'm on my way Текст

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Eb Cm Ab Eb/G
Call me from your place in human desert
Fm Hdim Ab7M9
Stranded on another empty day
Call me in and we get by together
Fm Hdim Gm
All you hear me say
Ab Db Ab/C
I'm on my way
Bm Eb
I'm on my way

[ Ab ]

Call me in I wanna make it better
I can feel the things you wouldn't say
Day or night it wouldn't really matter
Call me anyway

I'm on my way

Gm Ab
Say you need me
I got it to know
I need it to hear

Say we will be
For good and for real
For good and for real

I wanna let you know
Hold on and wait for me
I wish you hear me now
I gotta let you know
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