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Midnight Train To Memphis by Kid Rock

Tune down 1/2 step, EbAbDbGbBbeb

Verse 1:

[D] I was hiding from the sun once again,
[D] I was running from the time my friend,
I've [A] lost another war.
So, I [G] poured one more,
and went home drunk [D] again.

[D] She was up when the key hit the lock,
[D] and the clock looked at me just like
the [A] devil in disguise.
I saw it [G] in her eyes-
she'd be gone before the [D]evenin'.

[G] So, I poured another strong one
and chopped a line from here to [D] Texas.
[G] Cause I've lost another good one -
she's on the midnight train to [D] Memphis.

Verse 2:
[D] With a brand new start,
[D] I swore I'd love from the heart,
I meant to [A] change my ways.
But I've seen [G] better days,
than the one's that's here this [D] mornin'.

[D] With a wife and kids at home
[D] with a job some where
on some [A] assembly line.
I wish [G] I had that life-
I bet you wish you had [D] mine.

[G] So, let's pour another tall one
and chop a line from here to [D] Texas.
[G] Cause I've lost another good one-
she's on the midnight train to [D] Memphis

[Spoken part - rap part - solo - omitted for space purposes]
[Last verse - guitar with moderate distortion]

Verse 3:
[D] With an old suitcase,
[D] I swear I'll leave this place
I'll get you [A] back in time
Can't drink you [G] off my mind.
So, I'll see you when I'm [D] sober.

[G] I been looking for some reasons,
but I ain't found one down in [D] Texas
I been [G] changing with the seasons,
Walkin’ a new line back to [C] [A#] [G] Memphis.

(Not 100% sure of ending - make up your own if you don't like the walkdown - it'll probably be right & sound better anyway...)
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