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The Burning Of The Midnight Lamp 1967 Bella Godiva music w+l J. hendrix

F Dm
The morning is dead______ and the day is to

There noth-ing left here to greet me___ but the velvet moon

Cmaj7 Gmaj7
All my lone-li-ness__ I have felt___ to - day__

D7 F G
Its little more then enough to make a man throw himself away

and i continue_____ to burn the midnight lamp.

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1983 ...(A Merman I Should Turn To Be) 1968 BG Music W+L J Hendrix

D C#
Hoo-ray i awake from yesterday alive but the war is here to stay

So my love,catherina and me decide to take our last walk through
noise to the sea

Bb A
Not to die but to be reborn A way from lands so batterd and torn

Am D Am
forever... forever

D C# D D
Oh say....

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ANd finally do you mean Little Miss Lover?

well anyway here it is

Little Miss Lover 1968 BG music J Hendrix

Little miss lover where have you been in this world for so

C Am
long well I love a lover that feels like you would you like to
tag along

well i really don`t need any help little girl but i

G E Am
b`lieve you could help me out an- y- way__


Hey !! Little Miss lover theres so mush you and me can discover

There you go and if you need more hendrx or anything else ask and you

shall receive!!!!
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