Jesus CultureAlleluia Текст

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Intro: F | Bb/F | F | Bb/F 

Verse 1:
F Bb/F
Father, we have come
Dm7 C Bb
To bow down in worship
F Bb/F
Lifting up our hearts, we
Dm7 C Bb
Bow down in prayer

Bb F C
Bb F C
Lover of our souls
Bb F C
Gm7 F/A C
With all of heaven we sing

F | Bb/F | F | Bb/F

Verse 2:
F Bb/F
Bright and morning Star
Dm7 C Bb/F
Your eyes blaze like fire
F Bb/F
Shining like the sun
Dm7 C Bb
You’re our one desire

Chorus x2

Bridge 1: x2
Bb F
All the angels cry out
C Dm7
”Holy is the Lord
Bb F
All the earth replies,
C Dm7 C
”Holy are You!”

Bridge 2:
Bb C
Alleluia! Alleluia!
Bb/D C F/A
Alleluia! Holy are You!
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