Get Up KidsHoliday Текст

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song: Holiday
artist: The Get Up Kids
album: Something to Write Home About
tabbed by: John Krohn (

Go see the Get Up Kids in concert.. I'm seeing them opening for
weezer 3 times on the spring 2001 tour. look for the kid with
the big hair trying to get the bands to sign his guitar/bass
after the shows in detroit, chicago and milwaukee.


the commas are to represent that those are 11's, 12's, etc. not
ones, twos, etc.

G --------------------------------------------------------------------------
D ---------------/11,11,11XX11X11X11----------------------------------------
A 7-99-11,11-99-9-------------------6-77-99-11,11-12,12,12,12,12^14^12^14/16
E --------------------------------------------------------------------------

pre chorus

G -----------------------------------------------------
D -----------------------------------------------------
A ---------------7-44442222000000024444222200000000-2-4
E 22222222555555---------------------------------------

chorus 1 (distorted part)

G ----------------------------------------------------
D ----------------------------------------------------
A 777777^9^7^9^7444444^6^4^6^4000022224444777700002222
E ----------------------------------------------------

chorus 1 (clean part)

G ---------------------------------------------------
D ---------------------------------------------------
A 777777^9^7^9^7444444^6^4^6^4000022224444777700002/
E ---------------------------------------------------

the distorted part of chorus 2 is the same as the distorted part of chorus 1

chorus 2 (clean part)

G --------------------------------------------------------------------
D --------------------------------------------------------------------
A 777777^9^7^9^7444444^6^4^6^40000222244447777000022224444----00002222
E --------------------------------------------------------4444--------


G that's a 17, --------------------------------
D not a 1 and a 7 -----------7--7-------------7-7-
A ---------------------------7-77-7----------------
E 22224444555555/17-222244445------222244445555-5-5

chorus 3 is the same as the clean part of chorus 2, and then slide up to end
at the E at the 7th fret of the A string.


string scrapes
intro/verse X3
chorus 1
intro/verse X3
chorus 2
chorus 3
end on E on A string's 7th fret
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