Ed EnglerthWhere We Were Текст

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D Bbmaj7
I'm trying not to wreck
D Gm7
These pictures I'm looking at
D Bbmaj7
So much depth in each one
Gm7 C (C C# D)
Holds a river that comes flowing back
Paper and color are held together
By a moment in time
Each one's a life now revealed
A hope, a dream, a sigh
Am7 Dm7
The voices and the laughter
Gm7 Dbmaj7
We thought we'd get what we were after
Am Dm7
Now these pictures are all that's left
Gm7 C C C# D
Of where we were

I'm reminded of what was back then
And what will never be again
These people have all moved on
Few things work out as planned.

Gm7 Gm7
Now my eyes are blurry
Bb C
Half from weariness - half from tears
Gm7 Gm7
I've got to put these pictures away
Bb C
As I fall asleep I can still hear.
Where we were

Outro: D Bbmaj7 Gm7
C C# D D
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