Ed EnglerthI Declare Текст

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Intro: Bm F#m G 

Bm F#m G
It seems a little insane to me
To share such a thing out loud
If I was out of step before
I’m beyond the left field bleachers now

D Dsus D A Asus A
I declare love is not a dream
Bm F#m G
There’s harmony there’s symmetry
D Dsus D A Asus A
Love is strong – we are weak
Bm F#m G
I declare love is what we need

They say that’s nice but it won’t last
They say in the end, all we have is pain
Long dark shadows passing over us
The mist of distrust leaves us drained


Bm A Bm G
They try to shut us down
Bm A G G Gsus G
& say that’s not allowed
Bm A Bm G
Next thing we know
Bm A G
They’re trying to throw us out

Hey -


Bm F# G
//: I declare love is what we need ://
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