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Subject: Dramarama - Emerald City

Emerald City -- Dramarama

The song is all downstrums, over and over, just three boring chords...

Actually, the first chord is 3 chords... but this is how it works.

D, D with a hammer on high E 3rd fret, D, D without finger on high E,
G7, C, C ... then it repeats. Sorry to use thse horribly untechnical
terms... I just play the songs, I dont' know the names for everything.
(In case I'm wrong about the name, the G7 is a G with the B fingered on
the 3rd fret added). The lyrics go something like this...

I've finally found it,
I'm feeling my way all around it,
I'm gonna surround it,
Soon everything's going to be fine.
Hey, hey, I can do what I say...

I'm lost in a sweet dream,
I'm living on chocolate ice cream,
I'm letting off my steam,
Now everything's going to be fine.
Hi, hi, I think I'll learn how to fly...

I went for the rental,
Those costumes were so continental,
How coincidental,
They said everything would be fine.
Ho, ho, I think I'm ready to go...

Hope you like it. This is one of my favorite Dramarama songs.

Jay (jas@naucse.cse.nau.edu)

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