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I'm sure some of these words are wrong so I'd appreciate any corrections.

The Girl With April In Her Eyes - Chris de Burgh

Em A C D Em

Em G
There once was a king who called for the spring
Am Em
For his world was still covered with snow
Em G
But the spring had not been for he was wicked and mean
Am B7
In his winter fields nothing would grow
And when a traveller called, seeking help at the door
C B7
Only food and a bed for a night
Em Am
He ordered his slave to turn her away
Em D Em A C D Em A C D Em
The girl with April in her eyes

Chorus :

Em Bm C Em
Ah, autumn does she go
Through the winter's night, the wild wind and the snow
Em Bm C Em
High, autumn does she rise
G D C Em A C D Em
Someone help the girl with April in her eyes

2nd verse :

She rode through the night till she came to the light
Of a humble man's home in the wood
He brought her inside, by the firelight she died
And he buried her gently and good
Oh, the morning was bright, all the world snow white
But when he came to the place where she lay
His field was ablaze with flowers on the grave
Of the girl with April in her eyes

Repeat chorus:
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