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Date: Sat, 27 Jun 1998 19:16:22 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Gunter Kohl
Subject: d/de_burgh_chris/shine_on.crd

Shine On
>From Power of Ten 1992
by Chris DeBurgh
transcribed by Gunter Kohl

If the transcription contains mistakes, if you think one chord should be
replaced by another one, please mail to me or send corrected file to OLGA

Playing Time: 3:56

F C Bb F
Shine on, brighter than the sun,
Bb F g C
Live for every moment, before the moment's gone, We
F C Bb F
shine on, you and me tonight,
Bb F g C F
Way across the universe, Burning like a fire in the night;

F a
1) I was looking at a photograph,
2) There are those who can never cross,

F7/Eb g
1) Taken in a garden long before the war,
2) The space between a father and a son,

Bbm F a d
1) And out on the lawn, There were old men and dogs and little children,
2) When they are young, We must say all the words that should be spoken

g F C
1) All of them gone forever;
2) Before they are lost forever;

F a
1) And there were people by the waterside,
2) And I was looking at a photograph,

F7/Eb g
1) Standing in the same place where I am today,
2) Taken from a window way above the world,

1) Nothing has changed - but you know,
2) And we've got to learn: we must

F a C/D d g F C
1) That time is moving like a river, It can only be love forever;
2) leave here a garden for our children, When we are gone forever;

Bb C Bb C
1) Ah------- Ooh-----| We
2) Ah------- Ooh-----| We

1) Ref as above!
2) Ref as above, fade out and sing those words inbetween:

Leave here a garden for the children,
Leave here a new world,
In the night, in the night,
Burning like a fire in the night.
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