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From=20mambochkn@aol.comSun Aug 13 04:46:49 1995
Date: 10 AUG 1995 14:26:02 -0400=20
From: Mambo Chkn

Sorry, these are only chords. There was one chord whose name I didn't
so I called it Q. If you know the name of the chord, please tell me. I
welcome any comments or insults **CONCERNING THE CHORDS**, not anything
Merry Christmas!!!

Q Gm(10th fret) Em(7th fret) Dm(5th fret)
E 2 10 7 5
B 1 11 8 6
G 1 12 9 7

Forever Blue
A F#m C#m
A F#m C#m
D A E7 A
F E7 A E7

A F#m C#m A
Nobody ever warns you
F#m C#m D
or tells you what to do
A E7 A F
She walks away, you=92re left to stay
E7 A E7
Alone, forever blue

A F#m C#m A
The stars have all stopped shining
F#m C#m D
The sun just won=92t break through
A E7 A F
Each day=92s the same, more clouds more rain
Life, forever blue

Forever blue =91cause you love her
but she doesn=92t love you
A E7 A F
You did your best, life did the rest
E7 A E7
You=92re left forever blue

Repeat the intro part for the no-vocals part
(the first part, however, goes like this:
A F#m C#m =20
-6---5--|D =20
If you=92re confused, listen to the damned CD!

A F#m C#m A
No reason left for living
F#m C#m D
still there=92s a lot to do
A E7 A F
New tears to cry, old songs to sing
E7 A F
and feel forever blue
E7 Gm Em Dm A
and be forever blue


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