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Subject: b/buffalo_springfield/rock_n_roll_woman.crd
Date: Thu, 29 May 1997 00:08:20 GMT
From: PGFN95A@prodigy.com

Buffalo Springfield Rock N Roll Woman written by Steven Stills

Fmaj 7 D7
There's a woman that you ought to know
Fmaj 7 D7
And she's coming singing soft and low
Singing rock n roll she's a joy to know
Fmaj 7 D
Neath the shadow of her soothing hand
Fmaj 7 D
I am free there just to make my plans

Dream of far away lands

Anything close at hand
Am C D
And she will follow me why do you know
Am C D
Familiar places she's been by
Am C D Dsus D D7
But if it seems she don't have to try ??


Fmaj 7 D7
And tomorrow she's a friend of mine
Fmaj 7 D7
And the sorrow I see her face is lined

She's no longer mine
D F D9^?
She's just hard to find

From The Buffalo Springfield Again LP
Atco Records 1967
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