Bon JoviTemptation Текст

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Em G Em G 
You're my missing picture on my mirror
Em G Em
I'm running away from home
Em - G
Sam, I'm just a man
А rusty bucket of flesh and bones
Em - G
Someday I'll seek forgiveness
Am - Em
For the sweet smell of her breath
Em - G
She touched my hand and asked for a check
I put out my cigarette

Em Am Em
Temptation, go home Lord
I'm walking straight into the ocean
Am - Em
Tell the tide I'm on my way
Em - C - Em
Gonna hang my head down tonight on Damocles sword

C - G
Twist my wrist
D - Em
Tell me I should resist
C - G
But the flesh is weak
Bm - B
Here comes the kiss
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