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From: (Howard Wright (???))

For Tambourine man, as played by Mr Dylan, you have to use a dropeed D tuning

I.e tune to : DADGBE

(drop only the low E to a D)

Then when you play a D chord you can strum all the strings, and the 3 bass
Strings really fill out he sound.

I use these chords and shapes :

G/B A D G/B D G/B Em A
Hey Mr Tamb man play a song 4 me I'm not sleepy & there aint noplace...going

Asus4 A

Then repeat these for the next line , but play D instead of Asus4 and A

All the rest of the song is basically the same, but he repeats the D G/B bit
A lot to suit the words

E.g for 'hands too numb to grip, toes too numb to step...' or whatever it is,
He keeps repeating these two chords till he gets towards the end of the line
And he carries on with Em A Asus4 A

Shapes :

000232 020003 x02220 222000 x02230 000230

D G/B A Em Asus4 Dsus2

He sometimes adds a Dsus2 instead of a D

This should sound the same as the record
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